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We specialise is making applications on human rights and asylum. We have a proven track record with hundreds of satisfied clients. Our lawyers are experienced and skilful and please note below:


Ther are times when staying in your own country poses a very real risk to a persons life, therefore seeking asylum in a safe country such as the UK may be an option. Expert legal advice from our immigration lawyers can help keep you & your family safe.

Claiming asylum in the UK is a legal right provided by the British Government. If you are persecuted or may fear persecution for whatever reason you can live safely & legally in the UK. However, you need to know how and when to make your application. If you do not it may affect your right to remain in the country. You need to provide evidence that complies with certain international law , evidence that your fear of persecution is well founded and that you cannot safely live in your home country and it meets one of the specified reasons.

We have extensive experience of working with asylum seekers and refugees. We will listen to your case & will explain the legal process and build up the facts based upon your evidence and comply with every step of the application process. If your application is declined we can also help you with the appeal. We will assist you with your right to work and accommodation.